Cooler box / tooling box rubber latches

Cooler box / tooling box rubber latches

Product No.: HX-L10

Product Brand: Hanxiang rubber products

Material: NBR, NR, SBR Rubber or silicone material

Color: Black, or any color

Size: 63.38*28.58*123.82 mm

Logo : Can be Printed or Cave into Sphere, any Logo

Product Type : Design and customer

Sell Ways: Customer according to customers’ requirement

MOQ: Negotiation

Hanxiang rubber products properties

(1)The high quality

(2)Durable use

(3)Resistant heat or cold temperature

(4)Creative design with shape, color, and logo

(5)Competitive price

(6)Fast delivery time   

Why choose Hanxiang rubber products?                

Hanxiang have solid rubber injection machinery, we are continuously developing new formulations to meet specific requirements, what’s more, Hanxiang also improve our production ability so that we can reduce production cost, which help our customers get more competitive price. Provide us with the details of your 3D drawing and application, and then we will review your project, we will provide some effective suggestions to develop a new product.