Silicone Duckbill Check Valve is one type of check valves and one-way valve with duckbill lips shape, it's function aim to allow air or fluid liquid forward flow and also prevent to backflow, Hanxiang Rubber Company produce Silicone duckbill check valves are mainly made from food grade silicone, silicone rubber. As their application environment requirement, duckbill check valve also are made from other elastomeric synthetic rubber material such EPDM rubber, Neoprene rubber (NBR), Natural rubber (NR),Fluoro rubber (FKM) so on.  

Duckbill Check Valves Function Quality 

How to allow air or fluid liquid forward flow and also prevent to backflow? How to make sure duckbill check valve project successful? How to reduce silicone check valve project development time? Hanxiang Rubber Company are specialized in designing and producing all duckbill check valves for 10 years. 

Duckbill Check Valves Function Quality are decided by four factors with valve Design, Material, Material Hardness and Slit.Welcome to contact us about duckbill check valve project. 

There are many application about Silicone Duckbill Check Valve.

Duckbill Check Valve as a flow control check valve which has rigid sealing with low or high opening pressure demands after slit cutting, is widely used in medical device, irrigation, animal breeding, breeding breast milk pump & baby care products,healthcare, automotive, appliance, water handling and food and packaging industries etc. The duckbill check valve are use in More and more industries. 

 1.Duckbill Valve Compression Mold Designing  

 2.Duckbill Valve Molded Manufacturing 

3.Duckbill Valve Removing 

Flash Process

4.Duckbill Valve Slit Cutting & Open Mouth Inspection 

                            Silicone &Rubber Duckbill Check Valve Production Process

                             Our Some Duckbill Check Valves 

If our duckbill check valve are not  available size? 

We also can custom it for you according to your drawing, sample, or design idea. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us.  

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